About us - Glentree Academy | No. 1 School in Bangalore

Welcome to Glentree Academy

Glentree Academy is the venture of the founders of Little Elly – Concept Preschool.

Glentree Academy is a CBSE school having three branches across the city, in Whitefield, Sarjapur road and Kanakapura. Glentree Academy believes by its motto- Learning for Life. The broad and balanced curriculum at Glentree Academy provides children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to become well-rounded, informed individuals. Glentree Academy is one of the newer schools focusing on holistic development of children. A number of activities (group/individual), mind maps, book readings, audio-visuals, games, Enquiry-based approach, technology have been incorporated into the lessons, with the aim to induce students into ‘thinking’ and ‘understanding’ through the process of ‘doing’. It is unique for its in-house curriculum which encompasses all aspects of learning. The 'Beyond Academics' programme includes Yoga, Karate and Dance which are included in the curriculum. Glentree Academy has come into existence with prime focus on individual learning skills. We believe that each of our children are born with certain talents and will become learners par excellence when these talents are nurtured appropriately, through various teaching and learning techniques. Glentree Academy