We are distinct..

Students experience the true magic of our dynamic school and see first hand what sets us apart from others. Our shared values of growth by learning, pursuing perfection and undeterred integrity affirm and define us. They serve as guideposts for all we do, and connect us — students, teachers and parents to each other and to Glentree.
Few things that set us apart are-
ELE (Environment as a Learning Element) - Keeping in mind that the built environment can also become a powerful support for learning, the common areas in our schools emphasize literacy-rich displays and elements that reinforce the use of scientific and mathematical skills.
Signature programs like the Learning for Life (LFL) curriculum, Connecting the Dots (CTD), Reading Enrichment and Development (READ) programmes are few of our in-house elements that we have developed to help us achieve what we target i.e. Unleashing every child’s potential and unlocking the door for their successful future.