Explore Beyond the Classrooms

Take a look at our co-scholastic activities offered in our school

Computer Science and Coding

Computer Science & Coding

Build skills and unlock your potential with the Computer Science and Coding program, where you'll learn the language of the future.
Taekwondo Classes


Kick your way to confidence and self-defense skills while unleashing your inner warrior with our dynamic Taekwondo classes.
Performing Arts

Performing Arts

From brush strokes to dance moves, discover the artist within and let your imagination run wild.
Yoga Program


From balancing poses to calming breaths, the little Yogis find their zen through the Yoga program.
Sports Activities


Get your game on, where young athletes build endurance, teamwork and leadership skills to become champions on and off the field.
ELE Program

ELE (Environment as a Learning Element)

Take a deep dive into the world around us with our ELE program, where nature is our classroom and learning comes to life.
Field Trip

Field Trip

Learning doesn't stop at school. Step into a world of wonder with our unforgettable field trips.
READ Program

READ (Reading Enrichment and Development)

Unlock your imagination with the READ program and discover new worlds with every page-turn.
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