Glentree Clubs

Experience Personalized Learning and Enrichment with Our Dynamic Clubs

Debate and Quizzing Club

Debate & Quizzing Club

Students harness their persuasive prowess and broaden their knowledge horizons in our dynamic Debate and Quizzing Club. Our club aims at amplifying their oratory skills, dive into global affairs, and ignite competitive spirit.
Art Mania Club

Art Mania

Students unleash their creativity in our vibrant Art Mania Club, exploring diverse art forms, expressing freely, and nurturing their imagination in an artistic environment.
Eco Warriors Club

Eco Warriors

Students immerse in a passion for the environment at our empowering Eco-Club, making a difference as we engage, inspire, and take action for a sustainable future.
Science Club

Mad Scientist

Fuelling scientific curiosity and hands-on learning in our Science Club, students dive into projects, research, and hands-on experiments, building curiosity and scientific knowledge.
Literary Club

Literary Club

Our literary Club inculcates a flair for the language and enhance literary skills among the students, encouraging them to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.
Math Magicians Club

Math Magicians

While developing math skills and knowledge, our club also enriches student's skills with higher-order thinking, and prepare them for future math competitions.
Scouts and Guides Club

Scouts & Guides

Scouts and Guides empower students to reach their full potential, fostering character, health habits, handicrafts while acquiring useful skills, and responsible citizenship.
First Foot Forward Club

First Foot Forward

This clubs aims at uniting like minded young entrepreneurs, igniting business ideas and exploring the nuances of it. It exposes the students to Case Studies, Social Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Sharing.
Heritage Club

Heritage Club

Ignite the power within students to become responsible, productive, and invaluable contributors to society. Our Heritage Club aims to foster cultural understanding, intellectual curiosity, and virtual exploration of India's rich diversity.
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