Technology Integrated Curriculum at Glentree


Technology Integrated Curriculum at Glentree

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” – George Couros

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today, and education is no exception. As we all know, modern kids’ life is surrounded by technology and it is omnipresent. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a wake-up call to all and now after experiencing the benefits of using technology in teaching, we all need time to accept the fact, of how irreplaceable it is. To keep up the pace in the race, at Glentree we collaborate with technology to improve the learning processes, which in turn prepare the kids for their future endeavors.

As Indians we believe in research, many studies show that technology when integrated into the curriculum transforms the learning process.

You may wonder what is technology integration, right?

So, technology integration does not mean teaching computer skills in isolation to the students. Instead, it means blending technology or technical tools with subject-specific activities to make the learning process more powerful. In that way, technology can support and enhance the educational environment.

The advantages of integrating technology into the curriculum:

The prime advantage is, that when students are engaged in learning using technology, they will be future creators, entrepreneurs and critics instead of just consumers.

I. Teaching becomes easy with technology

Thanks to technology, students can say goodbye to boring theoretical classes. Tools like PowerPoint, audio-visual presentations help students make the abstract concepts more concrete and understand their application in real life.

II. Educational technology is a saviour to the environment

The previous year helped a lot in this regard I would say. The online tests and assignments saved a lot of paper and a lot of trees from being chopped down. Imagine if we go digital in the future, how much we can help the environment.  

III. Technology helps students enjoy learning

While the parents are worried that the kids are exposed to more screen time, we can use that inclination for some good purpose. We can make students enjoy learning by giving technology-based project works.

IV. Students can access information at any time

Gone are the days when students had to visit the library to complete their assignments and collect resources. Internet has provided easy-to access information and accelerated learning at the fingertips any time, any place which can be used by the students to learn and acquire knowledge.  

How Glentree integrates technology into the curriculum

Improves engagement

At Glentree, technology is integrated into the specially designed subject-specific lesson plans which provide engaging activities to be conducted during the class. The smart boards help teachers to create a more engaging and interactive classroom through audio-visual presentations, PPT, quizzes, gamification which results in the active participation of the student in the learning process. Technology can also be used to teach pronunciation, math, reading and listening skills and spelling which gives a better result than the regular chalk-and-talk method.

Learning for Life

 When students actively participate in the learning process with the help of technology, they tend to remember the concepts throughout their lives.

Improves Individual Learning

At Glentree, lesson plans are created to cater to the different learning styles of the students. Technology provides great opportunities for making learning more effective for everyone with different needs. Few students can learn through video presentations, few students listen and learn and few learn by playing quizzes and so on.

Prepares Students For The Future

We at Glentree realise that preparing the students for the digital future will be an important key to their success. Keeping this in mind the assignments are crafted in a way where students get opportunities to learn new technological skills, apply them and showcase their creativity. Technology can help develop more practical skills like creating presentations, animations writing emails, etc. The goal of technology integration at Glentree Academy is to have students use technology ethically and safely to acquire, demonstrate, apply and communicate information.

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