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Learning for Life

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Our curriculum is designed to harness their natural curiosity and foster community-building and discipline through interactions with the environment. Students share ideas and experiences, and teachers serve as facilitators, learners, guides, and mentors.

We follow an integrated curriculum based on CBSE guidelines and the NCERT, which ensures a well-balanced and challenging education that is also enjoyable.


LFL Curriculum

LFL Curriculum
At Glentree Academy, our philosophy is rooted in fostering lifelong learning. We believe in a balanced approach that goes beyond grades, nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with academic excellence, essential life skills, and the ability to make a positive impact on the world.
Here's how we bring our philosophy to life in our daily school practices:
Balanced Learning Approach

Balanced Learning Approach

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures a balanced focus on both core subjects and essential life skills, fostering a lifelong love for learning.
Lifelong Success

Beyond Grades:Lifelong Success

Education goes beyond grades; our curriculum empowers students with practical skills, knowledge, and a growth mindset for lifelong success.
Enrichin Diverse Programs

Enrich in Diverse Programs

Diverse programs like theatre, dance, music, sports, and yoga enrich our curriculum, nurturing students' passions and fostering important skills.


Pre-Primary CBSE Syllabus



  • Montessori and Waldorf methodologies
  • Activity based learning
  • Language, Numeracy, and Theme
  • Value Education
  • Reading Program
  • Montessori Lab
Grade 1 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 2 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 3 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 4 CBSE Syllabus


Grade I-IV

  • Concept driven academics
  • Multi sensorial development and approach
  • Exploring Through Discovery
  • Experiential Learning
  • Inter Disciplinary Approach
  • Language Arts (English, Hindi, Kannada)
  • STEM Lab
  • CS & Coding
  • R.E.A.D Program
  • “Connecting the Dots” Program
Grade 5 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 6 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 7 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 8 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 9 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 10 CBSE Syllabus

Middle & High School

Grade V-X

  • Concept driven academics
  • Multi sensorial development and approach
  • Creative Thinking & Research
  • Community Learning
  • Inter Disciplinary Approach
  • Language Arts (English, Hindi, Kannada)
  • STEM Lab
  • Social Studies
  • CS & Coding
  • “Connecting the Dots” Program
Grade 11 CBSE Syllabus, Grade 12 CBSE Syllabus

Senior Secondary School

Grade XI (Commerce)

  • COM 1: Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, English, PE Elective.
  • COM 2: Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, English, Psychology
  • Global Engagement Emphasis
  • Personalised Career Counselling

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Profile Picture of Dr. Priya Gupta

“We are very happy with the school because of the individual attention it gives to the children, and the entire team behind Glentree Academy is so helpful and supportive as well!”

Dr. Priya Gupta
Parent of Arohan Sen gupta
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“The teachers are like magicians, because they help us at every point of turn and help me with my career path. They are always there for me no matter what.”

Muskaan Jangid
Grade 10 Student
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